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Interview: $300M WyHy Shares How Cuery Data Analytics has Helped Them

December 21, 2021

“Cuery’s next best product program analyzes all this member data and tells you, ‘Hey, this member has a 95% chance of needing a mortgage.'”

In this CUBroadcast interview, Eric Valla, CIO of $300M WyHy FCU, shares what he loves about Cuery data analytics.

And by now, you may have heard of Cuery (because we pretty much talk about it all the time, not gonna lie). Launched in 2020, Cuery was created in response to the overwhelming need for an affordable data analytics solution for credit unions under $800M. Valla and his team at the Wyoming-based WyHy FCU have reaped many benefits since implementing Cuery, like bringing all their data sources together, gaining member insights, and like Valla said, taking advantage of the next best product program.

Take a few minutes to hear about WyHy’s data journey below, including Mike Lawson of CUBroadcast and Alan Bergstrom, VP of Business Development and Marketing at Aux. Much of what Valla says will likely resonate with you.

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