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Meet THRIVE, Our Data Education Resource for Credit Unions

February 24, 2022


By now, you may have heard about our data analytics solution Cuery, which we designed specifically for credit unions under $1B in assets. What makes Cuery different is that it is a comprehensive option – for CUs who don’t have a ton of resources to throw at implementing data analytics – and now we offer educational and coaching as well. With that being said, we’re excited to announce our relationship with THRIVE, a data and education consultancy founded by credit union industry veteran Anne Legg!

Our collaboration with THRIVE delivers both data insight and capability that increases a credit union’s level of data success. THRIVE delivers a year-long data education and coaching program which works alongside Cuery’s installation at credit unions. This program, called the CU Elevation, delivers a unique combination of data education, application and coaching to maximize the success of each credit union as they leverage their data.

Check out this handy chart to show how Cuery and THRIVE work in tandem as data analytics is implemented at your credit union. Pretty cool, huh?

“We are excited about our relationship with THRIVE,” says Alan Bergstrom, VP of Marketing & Sales at Aux. “Anne Legg is a recognized authority on the strategic use of data in providing a competitive advantage for smaller and medium-sized credit unions. Cuery provides an easy to use and affordable technology solution while THRIVE’s CU Elevation program delivers an actionable roadmap, use cases, and framework for creating a data-driven culture. Together, Aux and Thrive provide a powerful resource that ensures the credit union’s decision-makers can take full advantage of the Cuery data analytics technology solution for the benefit of its members.”

“THRIVE is delighted to collaborate with Aux to deliver data education and coaching that will elevate a credit union’s data journey and improve their member’s lives,” said Anne Legg, founder of THRIVE. “The integrated experience builds a much-needed data capability that delivers data success, which is the end-goal for any data effort.”

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