The simplest, most secure solution to verify your member

Allow your members to own and control their identity. Eliminate the need for knowledge-based questions. And streamline KYC & compliance requirements.

Every interaction that a credit union has with its members starts with identifying who they are. MemberPass™ is the hassle-free way to prove your member’s identity quickly and easily while protecting their personal information.

What is MemberPass™?

The first KYC-backed digital credential, MemberPass™ provides a way for credit unions to quickly and confidently verify their members’ identities–improving member experience, reducing fraud, and increasing operational efficiency.

About our Partnership
Aux is an owner and partner of CULedger, which operates MemberPass™. CULedger is a credit union-owned CUSO that is creating the premier platform of digital exchange for financial cooperatives globally. 


How MemberPass Works

Eliminate the need for knowledge-based questions like asking for your members’ birth dates and social security numbers.

The industry standard of authentication is 90 seconds or more. Now with MemberPass™, that authentication process takes less than 15 seconds.

Offer your members a faster and touch-free way to conduct transactions in the branch lobby and drive up.

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