Compliance Case Study: AFL-CIO Employees FCU

October 26, 2020

AFL-CIO inner thumb

AFL-CIO Employees FCU is a $51M organization located in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. With their membership encompassing a staggering 55 affiliated unions across the country, and one of several credit unions that has unionized employees, they exude an old-school credit union charm and grit. They are also one of Aux’s oldest compliance clients, having been a client of ours since 2011.

In this case study, we will (1) dive into the challenges faced by a small credit union in today’s market, and (2) show how having a team of compliance experts for a fraction of the cost of just one in-house compliance manager allows AFL-CIO Employees FCU to remain financially-efficient and sound in turbulent times.

“I think that this is where many smaller credit unions don't have the expertise, including my own: to help manage time. There is so much expected of us and it really hurts in the development of the institution. How do we overcome this?”

-Robert James, CEO of AFL-CIO Employees FCU

Areas of Focus Include:

1. Staying viable as a small credit union by embracing the “gig” economy and outsourcing
2. Utilizing turnkey, on-call experts who don’t require costly hiring, training, and benefits
3. Allowing your decision-making team to focus on strategic tasks rather than tedious compliance functions
4. Creating partnerships with your vendors, who act as an extension of your team

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