Got Data Strategy? 4 Things You Can Do Today to Prepare for 2021

September 28, 2020

Here at Aux, we understand how overwhelming and confusing data analytics can be for credit union folks.

We’ve lived the credit union experience ourselves, some of us decades-old veterans. We know that credit union executives often wear many hats, and a data analytics strategy is on a long list of critical tasks, like lending, finance, member experience, and compliance. What’s more, data analytics has a steep learning curve and is a new player in the credit union strategy game, which creates dual challenges for those who do not have access to a skilled data analytics team.

We’d like to share with you this high-level whitepaper on four actions you can do today to prepare your data strategy for 2021, because like it or not, it isn’t going away. Take a look below for jargon-free steps to get started down the right path.

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