Introducing Cuery! – An Accessible Credit Union Data Analytics Platform Without the Compromises

September 15, 2020

Check out our webinar recording from October 7th, 2020 for an introduction to the Cuery data analytics platform, purpose-built for credit unions and driven by the Aux team.

As most credit union executives have come to understand, the key to delivering an exceptional member experience and creating growth opportunities in our current environment is DATA. Knowing your current and prospective members is crucial but difficult with most credit unions having an average of over 30 different sources of data!

Today the market is full of companies offering platforms and capabilities for housing and analyzing your data. However, most fall short in these areas:

  • Way too expensive for any but the largest credit unions
  • Way too complicated, requiring a team of internal data science resources and a plethora of additional 3rd-party software
  • Deliver only on one data set leaving you blind in other areas
  • Don’t help you enforce data quality and governance resulting in faulty analysis

In this introduction, demo and roadmap presentation. you’ll learn how Cuery allows you to ask more of your data and rises above in the crowded market of vendors to provide an accessible data analytics platform for the credit union market.