Laying the Foundation Before You Leverage Your Data

January 19, 2021

laying foundation cuery inner thumb

Credit unions have more data than Amazon, and it is exciting to start harnessing and leveraging it. This task, however, can feel rather daunting as well.

To help navigate all this data, let’s review the foundations of data maturity, data governance, and general considerations on data tool selection.

In this whitepaper written by guest contributor Anne Legg of Thrive and brought to you by the Cuery Data Analytics Team at Aux, we focus on:

  1. Data maturity stages: nascent, functional, explorative, and enterprise adoption
  2. How data maturity is measured
  3. Data governance: why, who, what and when?
  4. Key domains prioritization

A must-read resource by one of the most recognized data strategy experts in the credit union industry, let this paper help you to take the appropriate actions early on to assure a successful data analytics program at your credit union – for years to come.

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