Who is in Your Member’s Wallet?

December 3, 2020

member wallet inner thumb

On average, an American adult has over three financial institution relationships.

While most credit unions are aware of their multihoming member behavior, very few are leveraging their data to seek the coveted “top of wallet” position.

In this whitepaper written by guest contributor Anne Legg of Thrive and brought to you by the Cuery Data Analytics Team at Aux, we’ll focus on these 3 data use cases and actions for your credit union:

  • Re-acquisition, AKA putting money back in your member’s wallet
  • Deepening product engagement by giving members more of what they want
  • Identifying disruptors

A must-read resource by one of the most recognized data strategy experts in the credit union industry, let this paper help guide you in your quest for more member wallet share by using data you likely already have available!

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