Reducing Friction in the Member Ecosystem

November 4, 2020

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On average, credit unions have between 60 to 100 different data systems, making them incredibly data rich.

The challenge for a credit union isn’t in gathering data. It is identifying which data to harness to solve what problems. To provide clarity in data selection, credit unions should focus on their members.

In this whitepaper written by guest contributor Anne Legg of Thrive and brought to you by the Cuery Data Analytics Team at Aux, we focus on:

  1. Understanding the member problem
  2. Discovering the member ecosystem
  3. Friction in the member journey
  4. A four-step approach credit unions can take to reduce such friction

A must-read resource by one of the most recognized data strategy experts in the credit union industry, let this paper shed light on the pervasive problem of member friction and how to reduce it.

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