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It’s not easy out there for credit unions under $500M. The mere task of finding a skilled CFO, and affording one in todays’ economy, is monumentally challenging. Credit unions across the country are left struggling to piece together ad-hoc CFO duties. Executive teams are being pulled away from their core competencies. It’s no wonder mergers are on the rise.

But Aux is determined to make a change. We were the first to offer full credit union accounting services in the country, and now we are the first to offer CFO services specifically for credit unions under $500M. We want to lower barriers for smaller credit unions by making skilled CFO-level resources available, without the exorbitant costs of hiring, training, and benefits. We do this by offering our services via fractional consumption – meaning you choose how many hours you need a CFO for each month.

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Meet Aux’s CFO Services Team 👇

Marianne Quinn: VP of CFO Services

Photo of Marianne Quinn, Aux's VP of CFO Services.

Marianne has more than 20 years of credit union experience. She has held CFO positions at IDB Global Federal Credit Union ($750 million in assets) and at Advantage Financial Federal Credit Union ($120 million in assets).

She has worked extensively with investment and loan participation portfolios, helped develop a commercial lending program, written and enhanced policies, led budget development, improved liquidity monitoring tools, implemented CECL, strengthened internal controls, and improved accounting processes. She increased the use of data analytics to strategically grow credit union product usage.

Marianne enjoys the challenge of improving performance while managing risks. She has significant experience working with asset liability management including what-if scenarios, NEV and NII monitoring and forecasting and improved the reporting to the Board and Finance Committee. She regularly participated in and led discussions at the Board of Directors and Finance Committee meetings.

In addition, she has managed numerous NCUA exams and audits including resolving documents of resolution and findings.

Marianne majored in Finance and minored in English at Georgetown University. She also received a certificate in Advancing DEI in the Workplace from Georgetown.

Rich Nave, CPA: CFO Consultant

Photo of Rich Nave, one of Aux's CFO Consultants.

Rich has over 38 years of finance and accounting experience, including 17 years in the credit union industry, the last 13 as the CFO for a large credit union in New York. Prior to that Rich has held various finance positions in both publicly traded and private organizations across various industries.

Rich is passionate about helping credit unions thrive. Collaborative and service-oriented, Rich provides strategic insights and critical decision-making analytics while communicating the story behind the numbers. He is also passionate about leadership and organizational growth.

Humming this tune?😓

Where have all the CFOs gone?

Can’t find a CFO in your area? We understand your pain. We’ve been able to provide support and expertise to credit unions in some of the most rural areas in the nation, including Southern Arizona and the Nebraska panhandle.

I need dollars, dollars, dollars is what I need.

Can’t afford a CFO in your city? We are experiencing one of the most challenging periods in modern history for cost of living. Small and mid-sized credit unions simply don’t have the budget to compete with banks, or even larger credit unions. We’ve helped clients in the Bay Area (the most expensive region in the US), Miami, Denver, and Washington, DC with the burden of salaries.

Well, since my CFO left me, I’ve found a new place to dwell.

Sometimes, life happens, and employees resign. Don’t be held at the mercy of one person’s situation and fall victim to key person risk. We’re here to step in and perform strategic level-CFO tasks in as little as days. Times are turbulent and people are on the move. Take advantage of reliable, expert support from the best in the business.

No time left for…hiring and training a CFO.

It can take nearly two years for a CFO to become knowledgeable in the workings of credit union-specific accounting, with all it’s quirks and regulations. We only serve credit unions and understand their minute inner workings. Let us step to provide immediate support. Don’t believe us? Check out this customer story, where we were up and running in days.

Read how we helped this CU with their pressing CFO and strategic accounting needs. We were up and running in days!

Why Aux CFO Services?

We provide a strategic financial knowledge base. We acquired a deep and broad understanding of exams, lending and other areas that are critical to your credit union’s health.

Multiple stellar former credit union CFOs are right at your fingertips.

We offer a truly flexible plan, month to month. You choose what you need every month, with no commitment.

We’re credit union centric – we only serve credit unions and understanding minute inner workings.

We’re the only CUSO in the nation to offer such a rich and deep CFO service.

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We’re NEVER pushy, and ALWAYS have your best interest at heart.

“As a part of new management who came in to lead a turnaround at the credit union, we made a strategic decision to outsource our full accounting function, including the CFO position, to Aux Team.  They have been a valued and integral part of our management deliberations as we have been navigating a complicated turnaround process and now also a pandemic.

Aux has been extremely responsive to requests for information from our regulators and was of great assistance as we developed a comprehensive Business Plan which included well-supported analyses and projections.  Our Aux CFO Resource prepares part of the package and attends our quarterly ALCO meetings as well which provides deep financial expertise specific to our industry and valuable input for our Board and management team.  Our Aux CFO was also most helpful as we applied for a much-needed grant to support our operations for the future, which we are pleased to report was recently approved.

We are very pleased with Aux’s CFO Consultation Services and would highly recommend them to other credit unions.

– Priority CU, Orlando, FL

The Aux team has provided excellent service and assistance to Taleris Credit Union. We found ourselves in need of accounting services after the unexpected and sudden departure of our Controller. The Aux team stepped in and accomplished every task we asked of them from financial reports to audit assistance and more. We greatly appreciate their professionalism and attention to detail and would recommend them to any credit union in need of their services.

– Taleris CU, Cleveland, OH

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