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Your Partner in Navigating a Sea of Regulations

We are redefining what outsourced compliance means.

And we think vendor is a dirty word. We’re not just vendors, we’re credit union professionals, invested in the credit union movement.

One of our Aux promises is to understand your credit union intimately. We structure our services to meet the unique culture of your credit union, whether your credit union is more relaxed, or structured, collaborative or independent, high-tech or old school. You’ll know every one of us by name.

We never, EVER use bank speak. We’ve all been in the field for many years and understand the pain points of credit unions. We honor the credit union difference.

Over 185 years of credit union-specific compliance experience.

We’re the original movers-and-shakers in the credit union compliance industry. We’re pioneers, some of us among the first in the nation to earn NCCO and CUCE designations. We are national speakers and trainers. We are Aux Team proud.

Over a 95% client satisfaction score in 2021!

5 star rating

What We Offer

We offer a compliance service that is uniquely hands-on and robust. Many compliance companies will help you with certain pieces of your compliance, but not all. We can help you manage all aspects of your compliance.  Not only can we review all of your items on a continual basis, we can also help you develop policies and procedures.

What sets us apart is our guidance. We don’t simply hand you a sample policy and send you on your way. We’ll stay with you every step to make sure staying compliant is as easy as possible. We cover the standard credit union needs: BSA, Fair Lending, SAFE, ACH, and so on, but also provide much deeper support for those who need it.

📝 Service listing

  • Develop and Review Policies
  • Robust Marketing Services (Web, Social Media, & Advertising)
  • Testing and Assessment
  • Staff and Volunteer Training
  • Speaking Engagements

What our clients say

Partnering with Aux has given us the confidence to know our marketing pieces are compliant and appropriately proofed!
They are incredibly easy to work with, get back to us quickly and we love that they have 3 people review EACH piece!! We recently hired a new marketing person with no credit union/financial experience and having Aux onboard has saved us so much time and allowed him to feel confident in releasing marketing pieces while he’s still learning all of the regulations.

– Northwoods CU

It’s a huge comfort knowing that the team at Aux is waiting in the wings if we ever have any questions or come across something for which we need a second set of eyes. Their group of experts has years of experience and provides timely answers to all of our questions. What I appreciate is that their recommendations are always straightforward using language anyone can understand. No need to read between-the-lines or decipher unneeded legalese. They have never let us down!

– Arlington CU

Over the past [ten] years, we’ve taken our compliance function to new levels of excellence by supplementing our internal efforts with the expertise you brought to us. Since everything in the compliance world isn’t black and white, we’ve found that discussing issues with their ‘brain trust’ of experts has been especially beneficial in guiding us through the gray areas of compliance.

– Pioneer Appalachia FCU

In a sea of compliance providers, why us?

A deep-rooted partner, not vendor mentality. A passion for the credit union movement.

It’s true: the staff at many credit union compliance vendors were once bankers or lawyers (who worked for banks). Not us at Aux. Every one of us has a history, often decades, in the credit union movement. We are leaders in our field and speak nationally at credit union events. Much of our staff were early adopters of compliance-specific certifications and training, like NCCO and CUCE, and continue to volunteer in the credit union community. We care deeply for the future of credit unions.

For all the compliance officers who have thought this before – “Are you gonna tell me what I need to do, or are you gonna help me do it?” – we hear you. In all cases, we try our very best to explain and interpret what you have asked of us and clarify exactly how it will affect you.

Aux’s VP of Compliance Gaye DeCesare and compliance client Kim Bohannon of TCUL discuss how partnering has made a big impact on credit unions in Tennessee.

Let’s chat to see if we can help your credit union.

Compliance can be burdensome, even to a seasoned team. We could do the heavy lifting.

We’re NEVER pushy, and ALWAYS have your best interest at heart. We’re a CUSO, after all.

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