About Us

Learn about our company, history, and values

Aux is a brand that serves the credit union movement.

The people who work tirelessly to improve members’ lives, the ones who wear many hats. Aux serves those who value collaboration, the get-things-doners, and the ones who find a way to make it work in challenging times. Those who passionately believe in the future of credit unions – that the best years are yet to come instead of behind them.

Aux serves those who are fearlessly adapting to a tumultuous environment, who look to outsourcing as a means of efficiency and health. Who value partnership, trust, and teamwork.

Aux is a CUSO (Credit Union Service Organization) located in Lakewood, Colorado, near Denver. Our company has been around since 1992, originally founded to assist credit unions with shared branching and service centers. Although we have evolved over the past two decades into something much more complex and diverse, one thing remains the same: our core reason for existence. We are here to help the people “who help the people,” as the old credit union saying goes – to help credit unions help their members.

The Aux Team knows credit union pain points because we have lived them ourselves, many of us as decades-long credit union veterans. We are real people, dedicated to a cause, working together to make your credit union stronger. We offer a robust suite of credit union back-office services, unlike any other organization in the U.S., such as accounting, compliance, and data analytics. In 2020, we rebranded from CU Service Network to Aux.


The people who help the people who help the people: the essence of our company.

Helping is the essence of our organization. Our goal has been and will continue to be to help credit unions achieve their goals. We want to see credit unions grow their membership, improve their efficiencies, and become stronger and healthier. 

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Our History

We’ve been champions of the credit union movement since ’92.

You may remember us as CU Service Network (CUSN). Back in the 90s, we focused on assisting credit unions in the surrounding states with shared branching and service centers for members. In the 2000s, we expanded our services to offer a variety of delivery channel products, like mobile and online banking.

Over the past five years, our CUSO grew significantly and diversified its product line to offer a variety of outsourced and collaborative services. No longer just doing business in Rocky Mountain states, we expanded coast to coast.

In June of 2020, CU Service Network was split into two unique organizations.  At this point in our organization’s journey, it made sense to create a CUSO dedicated to shared branching servicing (InNetwork) and another dedicated to outsourcing and shared services (Aux).

Our team continues to grow, thanks to the popularity of our outsourced services. We now have offices in two states and remote staff across the country. We are the Aux Team, and we are proud.

The Aux Mission

Strengthening the credit union movement through collaboration, innovation and leadership. 

The Aux Vision

To promote the long-term growth and vitality of the credit union movement. 

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