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Welcome to a credit union data analytics solution designed specifically for CUs under $1B

Cuery is unlike any data analytics solution out there. Utilizing a shared services model, we’ve teamed up with the very best data analytics provider in the industry to offer both a best in class and affordable analytics solution. What’s more, we know credit union executives like you wear many hats, and don’t have the budget to hire a team of experts to support the service and provide data strategy – so those resources are included in our solution.

This CU finds big value in an actually affordable, turn-key data analytics option.

Cuery, at its core, is a solution to help you better serve your members. 🤝

The old credit union mantra “The people who help the people” has evolved, but it remains as important as ever. Cuery helps you understand, and anticipate, your members’ needs and goals.

And when you understand, you can create better credit union membership growth opportunities.

🛒 More Products Usage

Cuery can drive your members to use more of your products and services.

Members come to your credit union (and stay) for the products and services you offer to them. That could start with a checking account and be supplemented by a savings account or a credit card. Without a complete picture of what other products and services your members may need, you’re missing opportunities to provide them with other profitable products and services, like a car loan, a mortgage, a home improvement loan, or even a loan for an RV, motorcycle or recreational vehicle.

Perhaps more importantly, you’re not serving them in a way that builds a deeper, stronger, and possibly financially healthier relationship. Members expect that you “know them,” well enough to suggest and offer products and services that they will benefit from. Cuery can help you increase your credit union’s member relationships, product penetration, product usage and overall profitability.

Yep, Cuery can.

🔑 Generate More Loans

Cuery can grow your loan portfolio with your members’ needs in mind.

Every credit union today is looking to make more loans. Do you know which of your members is most likely to borrow from you? Wouldn’t it be great if you knew if your members had loans at financial institutions besides yours, especially if you offered a lower rate? No credit union wants to make bad loans. Knowing your members’ credit scores, credit risk and proclivity to borrow is important in today’s tight lending market.

Having a 360-degree view of your members and knowing their life stage, their spending patterns and behaviors, their credit score and other data will help you make wiser lending decisions, uncover lending opportunities that you may not have been aware of, and spend smarter with your scarce marketing dollars by knowing where and when those opportunities exist. Cuery can help you make more loans and spend less time and money to make them – by using the data you already have but haven’t been able to mine.

Yep, Cuery can.

💳 Increase Credit Card Usage

Cuery can increase regular and seasonal usage of your credit card portfolio by members.

If your credit union offers a credit card to members, are you maximizing its full potential to generate interest income and interchange income—two great sources of income that many credit unions haven’t fully leveraged?

Many credit unions outsource their credit card servicing to a third-party provider. Gaining access to member data credit card usage and combining that with other member data can be either complicated or, if done at all, a manual process. Using a data analytics solution can help maximize credit card revenue in two streams. Having a holistic view of your members and knowing their spending patterns, behaviors, credit score and other data will help you identify opportunities to increase credit card revenues. Cuery can help you use your data to increase member credit card usage, giving your credit union the lift it needs right now.

Yep, Cuery can.

Cuery allows credit unions to stay competitive and relevant. It provides game-changing insights.

Cuery puts you in complete control of your member data. It allows you to act smarter, target smarter, spend smarter with members.

Cuery helps you understand your members and their needs on a deep level.

Our Next Best Product capabilities provide not only a 360 degree view of the individual member’s relationship, but predicts what they’ll need in the future.

What our clients say

The Aux Team and their supporting vendors and business partners made it less difficult (and less expensive) than if a credit union were to try to go and acquire those skills and talents on their own.

– WyHy FCU CIO Eric Valla

$300M WyHy FCU shares how Cuery has helped their organization

Interested in seeing if Cuery can help your credit union better help your members?

If you’re under $800M in assets, contact us for a zero-salesy conversation about your unique needs.

Get to know TIBCO, our data analytics software partner

TIBCO is an award-winning leader in enterprise data, whose data analytics solutions empowers its customers to connect, unify, and confidently predict business outcomes. Basically, they are the best-of-the-best when it comes to data analytics, and the good news for you is that they have partnered with us to offer a solution that’s affordable for small and mid-sized credit unions. Pretty cool, huh?

In October of 2021, TIBCO announced that they:

Meet coaching and education resource Anne Legg of THRIVE

THRIVE delivers a year-long data education and coaching program which works alongside Cuery’s installation at your credit union. This program, called the CU Elevation, delivers a unique combination of data education, application and coaching to maximize the success of your credit union as you leverage your data.

How THRIVE helps:

  • Elevates credit union knowledge around the 5 key education domains to leverage data successfully
  • Creates a member-centric data strategic road map
  • Lessens member friction 
  • Coaches and guide credit unions in execution of the strategic road map

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