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Take Our Q3 Survey: What Does Growth Look Like for Your CU?

September 24, 2021

📞Calling all credit union decision makers! Take part in our nationally-renowned quarterly industry survey.

The pandemic has caused many credit unions to hit the “pause” button. COVID-19 brought so many uncertainties that plans were put on hold and investments postponed. Now that the pandemic is well into its second year of disruption and potentially could impact plans for 2022, credit unions can only pause for so long before implementing plans for growth.

Growth may have even taken on a different meaning than it held two years ago. Nonetheless, growth is and will be crucial for many credit unions to survive and thrive in the year ahead. We are interested in understanding what growth means for credit unions of all types and sizes. What plans do have for getting your credit union back on a growth path? Where do you see growth occurring and at what kind of pace? Let’s get a pulse on the direction of the industry. This data will help us produce a timely and critical report on the state of the credit union industry as we begin planning and budgeting for 2022.

As always, your responses will be kept anonymous and you will receive a full report on the results. To thank you for your time, coffee’s on us – you’ll receive a $20 Starbucks gift card.

Take the survey


Each quarter, the Aux R&D team produces a credit union industry survey, covering a timely topic. We solicit responses from credit unions of all sizes across the country to compile sweeping primary source data to help you gather insights and make decisions based on your peers’ input.

In Q2 2021, we conducted a survey asking credit unions what a “post-COVID” world looks like for them. Read about the results here. 

In Q1 2021, we conducted a survey surrounding the effects of a Democratic-controlled government. Read about the results here. 

In Q4 2020, we asked credit unions under $250M in assets what their biggest challenges were. Read their remarks here.

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