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Take Our Survey: How Will the New Dem-Controlled Administration Impact Your CU

February 18, 2021

democratic controlled effects

📞Calling all credit union decision makers!

Will you share your thoughts on the impact the Democratic-controlled administration will have on your credit union? The November 2020 elections ultimately resulted in a “Blue Wave” within the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Democrats now control the White House and both chambers of Congress. We are interested in your opinions and perspectives on how this concentration of political power could affect credit unions in the year ahead.

The industry relies on CUSOs like us to conduct surveys and analyze primary source data for you to understand the landscape and make more informed decisions. Our most recent survey on the pandemic’s effects on branches and members was a big success – read about it here.

Will you be a part of this next survey endeavor?

In order for the survey to be successful, we need to gather a variety of credit union decision makers in big and small credit unions, rural and urban, and red, blue and purple states.

Take your survey


Topics include:

  • Student loan forgiveness, minimum wage increase and marijuana legalization effects
  • Compliance and accounting regulations
  • New leadership and changes at the CFPB
  • HMDA changes
  • CECL changes
  • and more

Your answers will remain anonymous and as a participant completing the survey, we will share a full summary of the results with you. To thank you for your time, coffee’s on us – you’ll also receive a $10 Starbucks gift card!

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