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Survey: How Tellers Feel about Credit Unions and Members

April 24, 2017

In March of 2017, our Operations Manager Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh conducted a multiple shared branching webinar trainings for tellers. With over 300 attendees, we took the opportunity to survey them about the credit union industry. We also left an open comment field so they could share their ideas on making members happier with their credit union experience, since after all, they are frontline employees. The results were intriguing and surprising, and we were so glad we had the chance to survey this often-forgotten, critical touch point of member experience.

Question 1. Do you think the credit union industry is changing for the better?
67% Yes, I do!
15% I think the industry is staying steady and won’t change much
2%  Unfortunately, no
16%  I’m not sure

We were so happy to see the results of this questions, even with all the changes and issues going on in the credit union world right now. What a pleasant surprise to see that over 2/3rds of respondents felt that the credit union industry is changing for the better, and a mere 2% felt that it was changing for the worse. This clearly tells us that operational employees, despite difficulties with fraud and constant regulations, have faith the credit union system and that the right thing is being done for members. Bravo!

Question 2. As a front-of-the-line employee, what do you think could be done at credit unions to make members happier?

We received so many insightful comments from this open-text question. Operations staff were eager to share their ideas to make the member experience better.

  • Friendly exchanges and no waiting in line
  • For the most part our members are pretty happy
  • I believe if all of the front-of-the-line employees knew all of the products and services, we would be able to provide them with more information on the products that benefit them
  • Educate the members more on share branching policies
  • I work in the drive-up. We take   Shared Branching deposits. I feel it is hard to see the member.A Shared Branching should all  be done at the front line
  • I think that as we COMPLETELY train our employees they will be able to give exceptional service and in return the members will feel that we are more competent and they will be happier
  • I notice on our credit union days, when we have pleasant music playing in our lobby and provide little treats for our members, it sets a positive tone
  • This is a hard question….Most do not like change, therefore when we implement change we tend to upset some and only suffice a few….There does not seem to be a happy medium. However, shared branching offers the member to stay with their FI of choice and still have access to their funds
  • I think we need to focus on technology and make sure we are competitive with banks in ALL ways, not just service and rates
  • Being more a service institution and not a sales environment, if you service people right they will come back to you for any financial need they may have
  • Better technology for the new comers, easier use and accessibility for our older members
  • Understanding of SBA process and procedures better for all CU’s over all. Some members come in where they state another CU will do this and it is clearly against the rules and process/procedures. Example : Releasing Checks over $2500 that are payroll. Last 4 of social always asked for/documented.  So more continuing education
  • Knowing product and services and being able to answer questions, especially with shared branching, some members I have helped don’t understand the holds that be placed when completing transaction through Shared Branching
  • I think just always taking their point of view into consideration for certain things and changes that occur. I know member services did great on assisting members with the new online banking but I know that a lot of members were really upset that it was so difficult to access on their own
  • Higher dividends on their share accounts
  • Great communication. And seeking to solve the members’ problems whenever possible without passing them off or leaving the feeling “passed off”
  • Drop certain fees, such as minimum balances
  • Something to cut wait time I wish I had more detail but shorter wait times always make a member happier
  • That we are all on the same page when it comes to policies and that members are not told different by the issuing credit union
  • Stop trying to be more like banks and sell products to members
  • Happy tellers make happy members!
  • I think that we could improve the form that shared branch fills out!
  • Develop less fees instead of more
  • Keeping our online services up to date and functioning properly
  • That’s branch specific, but one thing is making branches identifiable. You can drive by a CU for years and never notice it
  • Make Shared Branching on line accessible
  • What members dislike the most are holds on their funds; if there was a way to pledge funds on an account for items deposited and make the funds available to members faster while reducing the risk to Credit Unions, this would make members happier
  • Seemingly pretty happy already
  • Being up to date and always offering good service to meet the members needs
  • More credit unions in other places. seems a bunch in bigger cities but not in smaller ones
  • I believe we provide excellent service to our members each day. For those members waiting in line for a transaction, we must be proactive and consistently  inform and educate them in the electronic services we offer. Many of them could use the ATM, mobile banking, etc., which would make them happier not standing in line
  • More streamlines systems for transactions to be processed more efficiently and quickly


Wow…quite a few comments here, but it seems like reoccurring themes are convenience, consistency in experience (education, communication), and member fees. Share your thoughts on the survey below. What do you think?

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