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Shared Branching Comes to an Unserved Region, Thanks to Reliant FCU

January 22, 2019

reliant FCU shared branching

Lakewood, CO (January 22, 2019) – CU Service Network (CUSN) is excited to announce that their shared branching client Reliant FCU has opened a new shared branch in a previously unserved region. Reliant FCU, who came aboard the shared branch network in the Spring of 2018, recently opened a location in Cody, WY, which previously had no shared branches. A shared branch in Cody is certainly a welcome and much needed addition to the shared branch network, as it is a central tourist hub for Yellowstone National Park.

“During the summers in Cody tourists travel from all over the country and world to visit this beautiful community to participate in the many events, concerts, rodeos, live western shows, and outdoor activities,” said Brandis Sunday, Director of Marketing for Reliant FCU and an ambassador for credit unions and the local community. “With so many tourists traveling through and staying in Cody, it was the ideal location to open a shared branch to serve the community.” It is surprising that this robust region was a gap in the shared branching network until now, since over 4 million tourists visit the park each year, and there has been a 40% increase in tourists over the past decade. Cody, a mere 25 miles from the eastern entrance of the park, is a prime location to serve shared branching members.

CUSO CU Service Network, the region’s shared branching provider, does not often get to see a gap close in the shared branching network, as most of the country is thankfully populated with branches. At the time of writing, the shared branching network is over 5,600 branches strong across all 50 states. Even so, before Reliant’s new branch in Cody opened, the closest shared branch was nearly 250 miles away. Things get pretty empty through the Rocky Mountain states.

It is an event to celebrate for a CUSO that was one of the original servicers of shared branching way back in 1992. “Even after 26 years, we continue to see the shared branching network grow. It shows the value members still find in this incredible and unique service that only credit unions could offer,” said Doug Burke, President/CEO of CU Service Network.

Brandis commented on the importance of a new branch for not just the park tourists, but their own membership: “We understand that many members in Cody and throughout Wyoming travel often for work, doctors’ appointments, shopping, and children’s activities.  To serve these members, it is important that we give them the option to visit a shared branching location in many parts of the state and country.”

Although the natural splendor of the area is a perk in the summers, the winters can be trying for the locals – as is the case in many parts of the United States. Snowbirds across the country incorporate a large seasonal portion of shared branching transactions. “I recently spoke with one of our members that spends the winters in Texas.  She was excited that Reliant FCU had shared branching and she was able to go to a shared branch in Texas to do financial transactions.  Shared branching has given us the opportunity to better serve our members,” said Brandis.

Congratulations to Reliant FCU on their new branch and continuing effort to nurture the shared branching network for nature loving tourists and locals alike.

About Reliant FCU
Reliant Federal Credit Union was established in Casper, Wyoming in 1936 during the height of the Great Depression. At that time, few families could obtain affordable credit, and trust in banks was at an all-time low. As a financial institution owned by its members, their goal at that time—and today—was to bring affordable financial services to members, and help them fulfill their dreams.

Today, Reliant has expanded to serve more than 10,000 members in Natrona and Converse counties, Wyoming, with four branches, and a broad array of electronic services to help them manage their money anytime, from anywhere. Reliant’s focus will always be the same—to provide members the most affordable financial services in a friendly, professional atmosphere where they are always the first priority.