Cuery: Data Analytics

Affordable, comprehensive, and revolutionary

Welcome to the best of both worlds in a credit union data analytics offering. Welcome to Cuery.

For over two years, Aux intensely studied and surveyed what credit unions want from a data analytics provider. In June of 2020, we launched our comprehensive data analytics solution that is both affordable and scalable to your credit union’s size while being comprehensive in its capabilities. The best part? It’s a data service that provides all the services of owning a data warehouse and having a data analytics team at a shared services cost.

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What We Offer

Included in this revolutionary service are access to holistic reporting tools, dashboards and quick wins. What’s more, you have access to experienced data analysts who can make sense of what data you are receiving and create tactical actions to make use of it immediately.

Key Functions

  • Marketing Analytics
  • Member Experience
  • IT/Data Warehouse/Reporting Tool


Struggling to get marketing data analytics off the ground? Let Cuery take you from 0 to 60.

Use data to help staff navigate marketing campaigns, outline membership insights, analyze industry trends and help guide business development with prospecting leads. Provide Member Service Representatives with cross-selling/upselling opportunities and Lending with new loan generation.

  • Data drive your marketing with a comprehensive view of your membership.
  • Harness the power of Cuery to data-drive your marketing channels and analytics initiatives.
  • Where does that next loan come from? Harness the power of Cuery’s predictive machine learning to find loan opportunities you didn’t know you had.

Member Experience

Your people and delivery channels are working hard. Is your data?

Provide tools that help your staff to interact with Members in the most effective way possible that fosters growth, insight, positive membership experiences, and member support.  As the landscape of banking for credit unions changes through social and technology shifts, Cuery can help provide the support for your credit union’s member-facing staff to be knowledgeable and effective and help your institution maintain an advantage within the banking realm.

  • Cuery does the hard work for you so your people and channels can be more effective.
  • Member data-driven insights to help your front lines be more productive and increase the speed and accuracy of member service experience.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your employees and channels across all your product lines with Cuery’s consolidated member reporting.

IT/Data Warehouse/Reporting Tool

Single Version of the Truth in a Secure Data Warehouse

Allow Cuery to fully manage your secure data warehouse and data analytics solution.  We not only keep your costs lower, but this allows us to automate the collection of many of the data sources that your are manually managing in spreadsheets and separate departmental reporting systems.

With a team of engineers, architects, data analytics and data scientists, we streamline data collection from the many systems you use to service your members.

We allow your entire credit union a secure method for viewing information, analyzing and making actionable insights that can be integrated into your front line processes through reporting and API’s.

  • Harness the power of Cuery: Secure, Trusted, Predictive, API driven data analytics platform.
  • Cuery pulls together disparate data systems into one trusted view for reporting and analytics.

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