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Ask Maddaux & Penny: A New Q&A for Credit Unions

April 23, 2021

Ask Maddaux

We’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the Aux Team! Maddaux the Ox and Penny the Starling will be here to answer pressing compliance, accounting, marketing, and data analytics questions every month, right here on our blog!

April 2021: Ask Maddaux

Question: What the heck is Clubhouse and why should I care about it?

Answer: By now, you may have heard the hype surrounding Clubhouse, an virtual meeting app that was launched in the summer of 2020. Through a series of virtual “rooms” a host can create, a company can facilitate engaging, live discussions and meetings that are specific or broad. There is no video, only audio and chat – which makes the app unique and easy.

Many early adopter companies are using Clubhouse to interact with their customers, create informative, drop-in discussions, and position themselves as experts in their industry. Users also appreciate that Clubhouse is not anonymous like other social media platforms. A user’s real name appears in their profile, cutting down on spam and trolling.

Credit unions are uniquely positioned to utilize Clubhouse, due to the community-oriented, educational, and personal nature of relationships with their members. Try hosting a weekly or monthly drop-in meeting with members surrounding timely finance topics. Invite experts on your team to chat about mortgages, credit, savings goals, investing, you name it!

Currently, Clubhouse is only available on iOS, but hopefully will be available via Android soon. You can learn about Clubhouse via this helpful Wikipedia article or PCMag article.

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