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Introducing InNetwork, A New CUSO for Shared Branching Clients and Network Operators

June 26, 2020

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We are very excited to introduce you to InNetwork, our new CUSO created to address the growing challenges network operators face in servicing their credit union clients while still providing service for our own regional credit unions.

InNetworkSince our founding over 25 years ago, CU Service Network (CUSN) has been a servicer and reseller of CO-OP Shared Branching. However, during the last five years, CUSN has extended our services and we now offer a variety of outsourced and collaborative services. At this point in the organization’s journey, it makes sense to create an entity dedicated to shared branching servicing. This allows greater efficiency, flexibility, and opportunities for partnership. Consequently, in June of 2020, CU Service Network launched InNetwork.

Rosemary Paddock“The Shared Branching environment has been changing over the last few years, and that has affected not only credit unions, but the local networks that support them,” explained Rosemary Paddock, (VP Operations / HR). “Oftentimes, just one or two people are responsible for supporting shared branching, and those same people are often also responsible for selling and supporting other products. We are able to focus on shared branching and work with CO-OP and with other networks to keep shared branching a viable alternative for members who appreciate and rely on it.”

Trisha Wiggin-FausnaughInNetwork’s Operations Manager, Trisha Wiggin-Fausnaugh, agrees. “We’ve supplied support to other networks in a piece-meal fashion for years. By using our services, several states have been able to offer custom reports and/or e-learning opportunities to their member credit unions. It’s good for the local networks because they can offer things they don’t have time or resources to produce, it’s good for the credit unions because they get additional support they wouldn’t otherwise have gotten, and it’s good for us since their sponsorship helps to defray our costs.”

There are three ways InNetwork can assist other networks:

  • With the Network Services option, networks can pick and choose just the services they need. Services range from training and marketing assistance to new credit union implementation.
  • Networks can completely transfer their shared branching support to InNetwork with the Full Outsourcing option. “Supporting shared branching includes not only handling credit union questions and concerns on a day to day basis, but also new and closing branches, marketing needs, and rule changes,” explained Trisha.
  • The third option is to join InNetwork as a Co-Owner. Rosemary explains, “As we say on our website, ‘We are stronger together.’”

“One very important thing that people should know about our new company is that we will continue to provide the best support possible to our own credit unions,” Rosemary emphasized. “We are focused on shared branching and taking care of our own member clients is a huge part of that.”

Learn more about InNetwork here.



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