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Sherpa & CULedger Join Forces to Enable the First KYC-Backed Member Digital Credentials 💪

January 22, 2021


Have you heard the big news about advancements in credit union contactless member IDs? On December 14th, 2020, Sherpa Technologies and CULedger announced the integration of Sherpa’s identity and document verification-provided solution, ID-Pal, into CULedger’s MemberPass™, to enable the first KYC-backed digital credential that provides credit unions a solution to verify their members’ identities.

Who is Sherpa Technologies?

The rapid rise of mobile banking has placed new demands on credit unions that existing capabilities do not meet. Sherpa Technologies is bridging that gap by deploying a digital platform that provides a suite of flexible, scalable solutions credit unions can adopt.

Sherpa is backed by Corporate One Federal Credit Union, one of the nation’s largest, most progressive corporate credit unions. Corporate One has more than $5.2 billion in assets under management.

What is MemberPass?

MemberPass™ allows credit union members to own and control their identity with the simplest, most secure solution to verify them anywhere. The first KYC-backed digital credential, MemberPass™ provides a way for credit unions to quickly and confidently verify their members’ identities–improving member experience, reducing fraud, and increasing operational efficiency.

Aux is an owner and partner of CULedger, which operates MemberPass™.

What is ID-Pal?

ID-Pal enables businesses to verify the identity of customers in real-time simply, securely and conveniently. The solution is easy to use, seamless to integrate and instantly customizable to the specific needs of any business, eliminating the complexity, cost, timelines and risk associated with regulatory compliance.

ID-Pal’s unique web portal (for the business) and app (for the customer) create a seamless, end-to-end solution for capturing, verifying and storing customer identity documents and information, making the process friction free for the business and the customer.

Every submission is thoroughly verified and authenticated using a suite of industry-leading biometric, document and database checks.

Interested in learning more about this incredible technology?

Contact us to watch the Sherpa + CULedger webinar from January 12th or download the slides. (Due to the sensitive nature of the information presented, we can’t make it public.)

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Check out our webinar on An Industry Pulse on Member ID Technology – How CUs Really Feel with CULedger from January 7th, 2021

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Visit our MemberPass™ page to watch videos of how the technology works and learn more.

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