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Meet Our New Biz Dev Associate, Bridgette Mayon

January 24, 2022

We’re excited to introduce you to our new business development associate, Bridgette Mayon! She’s been in the financial services industry for decades and is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and the credit union movement.

bridgette mayon“It’s hard to make it short and sweet other than Aux is the best workplace on this side of heaven!” writes Mayon (we did not force her to write that line, we promise). “But the real deal is I’ve been in the industry for a long time and Aux is a one-of-a-kind company. We provide exceptional service by amazing individuals that are all working exceptionally hard to do all they can to support all Credit Unions!  Believing in the credit union movement isn’t just a statement here, you feel it, you see it and you deliver it in your everyday actions, the same way that many hard-working people do in Credit Union Land.”

Bridgette joined the Aux Team in December of 2021. She has over 36 years of progressive financial banking experience with the last 7 years in the credit union industry and the last 5 years as the VP of Member Services, Chief Retail Officer and Chief Experience Officer. She knew when she joined the credit union movement her passion was fulfilled, and she hopes to share her experience and enthusiasm with credit union clients. Alan Bergstrom, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Aux comments, “We are fortunate to have Bridgette on our team! She has worked in the financial services industry for most of her career, most recently with a credit union. She knows what credit unions need and her demeanor is a perfect fit for the business development/sales role she is in. I have every confidence that she will excel here at Aux and that prospects and clients alike will quickly warm to her personal approach and likability.”

Bridgette has always had a passion for helping others and finding resolutions that would help them meet and exceed their goals. “I’m excited that I get the privilege to come to a job every day that allows me the opportunity to join a team with a common goal of helping others,” she says. “The primary goal is what’s best for the CU, it’s not money or status quo, it’s a genuine how can we help. That’s MY happy place!!  I believe that we were all created for service somewhere.  I get to do this every day. The paycheck is extra 😊” (again, we did not force her to write this stuff).

Bridgette and her husband posing glamorously with her stunning Aux mug. Want your own Aux mug? Email hello @

Bridgette and her family in Houston, TX

Bridgette enjoys learning new things and has rediscovered her favorite hobby of crafting.  She most enjoys spending time with her family and her three “Grand-Girls”.

Learn more about Bridgette or say “Hi” by visiting her LinkedIn page here.

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