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And Now for Something Totally Different…Meet the Pets of Aux

October 20, 2021

There’s a lot going on in the world right now. We are tired. We are stressed. We are in planning and budget season. It’s getting colder, darker (5pm sunset???). We still haven’t lost those pesky COVID-15 lbs. So why not take a look at the PETS OF AUX? These fluff balls hang with us when we are working from home and greet us when we come home from a long day at the office (well…maybe not the cats). We are animal lovers through and through!

Thumper, Pitbull – Jennifer Davis’ pet

TT, Cockatiel – Sara Lindsey’s pet

Moxie and Meeka, Pomeranians – Alan Bergstrom’s pets

Diplo – Sara Lindsey’s pet

Allie, Labrador – Doug Burke’s pet

Major Lazer, Tabby – Sara Lindsey’s pet

Magnolia – Jason Clarke’s pet

Marigold – Jason Clarke’s pet

Ozy, Tabby – Natasha Bedford’s pet

Sherlock, Siberian Forest Cat – Favorite things – food, food and more food. Tim Tibbal’s pet

Merlin, Lovebird – Maggie Davis’ pet

Sydney, Redbone Coonhound – Maggie Davis’ pet

Sal, Greyhound – Alicia Disantis’ pet

Lucy, Tabby – Alicia Disantis’ pet

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