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Welcome to Aux: The New CU Service Network

June 26, 2020

Welcome to Aux

Wait…who’s Aux?

CU Service Network is transforming. Welcome to Aux, doing the hard work for you. The same friendly staff you’ve been working with will not change, nor will your services, however our brand, website, and email address will be changing in the coming month.

CUSN is now AuxWe are thrilled to now be part of a brand that aligns with our company values and vision. Aux is a brand that serves the credit union movement: the people who work tirelessly to improve members’ lives, the ones who wear many hats. Those who passionately believe in the future of credit unions – that the best years are yet to come instead of behind them.

Aux serves those who are fearlessly adapting to a tumultuous environment, who look to outsourcing as a means of efficiency and health. Those who value partnership, trust, and teamwork – just like all of the clients we are proud to work with. You know we are passionate about working as your partner and acting as an extension of your team. The Aux brand reinforces these values: doing the hard work for you, being there when you don’t know who else to call, working with you to find a solution.

So what does Aux mean, anyway? 

Aux is a shortened version of the word auxiliary, and a phonetic play on the word ox. We wanted our new brand to represent the essence of our CUSO. At our core, what do we do for credit unions? Help them, provide extra assistance, and step in when times are tough. We’ve been known as the “people who help the people who help the people,” as the old CU mantra goes. Auxiliary means additional support. Shortened to Aux, it sounds like “ox,” a tried and true icon of strength and stability in financial services. And there you have it. Aux Team consists of our staff, our clients, and everyone who rallies with us to strengthen the credit union movement. Why an origami ox? Because origami creates something incredible out of something simple – a piece of paper. Aux helps credit unions do more with less. You’ll see the origami theme peppered throughout our new website.

Aux logo

What’s changing? 

Our website:

Our emails: Switched over to, so to reach us please use

Our logo and name: The rebrand was effective Tuesday, June 23, 2020. We are sure you have questions and comments! Reach out to our marketing team and we will be happy to chat. Again, we are thrilled to have you as part of this new and exciting chapter in our CUSO.

Want learn more? Visit our info page with details and timelines.




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